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  • Rewinds & Repairs

    Clamp Electrical - Rewinds and Repairs

    Clamp Electrical Industries Melbourne specializes in motor rewinds and repairs. We can customize our rewind and repair capabilities to suit your requirements.

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  • Services

    Clamp Electrical - Services

    Clamp Electrical Industries’ specialist onsite and in house service capabilities and skilled technicians enable us to readily respond to your needs.

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  • Sales

    Clamp Electrical - Supplies

    We supply and distribute a variety of high efficiency, high performance AC and DC electric motors, as well as other related equipment.

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  • Onsite Servicing

    Clamp Electrical -  Onsite Servicing

    Our qualified and fully insured riggers, experienced with intricate removals, can conduct any electric motor disconnect, reconnect, removal, and installation.

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 Clamp Electrical - Electric Motors Repairs and Rewinds

With over sixty years experience in all types of electrical apparatus, Clamp Electrical Industries has grown to become a master of the electric motor industry.
Located in Port Melbourne directly under the West Gate Bridge, our ideal location and skilled team enables us to readily supply, service and support Melbourne’s most demanding industrial operations.

Whether you require high efficiency electric motors, complete electric motor overhauls, repairs and rewinds, or onsite servicing, Clamp Electrical Industries is the complete electric motor service facility that can assist you in your requirements.


  • Onsite service and repairs
  • Electrical and mechanical repairs
  • Electric motor rewinds
  • Electric motor supply and distribution
  • National distributor and stockist of ABB AC and DC electric motors

We are waiting for your call – talk to one of our experts today about your electric motor requirements.


Clamp Electrical now stock WEG W2 ODP Open Drip Proof Motors. See under SALES for more information.








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